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What are we looking for?

Team Player

We grow and learn as a team, always happy to help and congratulate each other

Mission Driven

We care deeply about artificial intelligence and incorporate it into everything we do

Growth Mindset

We believe in the power of feedback and encourange continuous learning

Why Apply?

We believe that unreasonably great results are best delivered by a highly creative, diverse group of humans working together. Our team includes people of various nationalities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We value potential as much as experience. Many of our top contributors had no deep learning experience prior to working in Borealis Research. People learn the skills they need while also performing useful work along the way. Deep learning is a team sport, and we appreciate people who are exceptionally thoughtful and nice.

If you want to do software engineering, such as building our infrastructure, improving our interfaces, or dataset creation, no machine learning experience is required. Apply for our technical open positions. If you want to get into deep learning, check out our Fellows, Interns, and Scholars programs. We are looking for people who want to learn to become core Machine Learning contributors by the next school semester and we structure your work so you do useful work at every step while growing in ML. We work with Universities in Western Canada to recruit new students, but you are always welcome to share your CV and ideas with us. If you are already in deep learning, apply for our Research Engineer or Research Scientist positions.

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