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IP Protection

We offer assitance with patent, trademark and copyright protection.

Product Discovery

We are a dedicated group of innovators, researchers, and explorers.

Technology Transfer

We offer assitance with all stages of the technology transfer process.

Research & Dev.

We dedicate ourselves to the development and optimization of our products.


Who are We?

We are a dedicated team of engineers from Victoria, BC Canada specializing in the development and advancement of AI technologies.

Our Team

Want to join our Team?

We're currently hiring talented people in a variety of technical and non-technical roles to join our team in Victoria, BC.

Our Latest Projects

Leartn about our most recent projects and innovations. At Borealis, we are constantly looking for new opportunities and exciting technologies to explore.

Blog Posts

Discover what's new in the world of A.I. and learn about exciting new technologies that may influence your life for the better.

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